A few words about my dance & theatre:
The way I feel about modern dance is a result of my rich individual experience (nearly 90 theatre and choreographic projects in 1987-2003, ten years of studio practice with Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, many years of educational activity). I have been also strongly influenced by meetings and co-operation with dancers, mime artists and choreographers, such as: Marek Oleksy, Melisa Monteros, Tatiana Baganova, Rip Parker, Randall Scott, Avi Kaiser, Cornrlius Fisher Credo, Chris Aiken, Thomas Hauert, which determined my movement system and its functions in performance/ choreography presentation. 
My technique is strongly rooted in the theatre tradition. For me, dance is currently the most complete and most effective training in the preparation of an actor's body for stage performance. In my technique the very impulse initiates a dance, as well as any forms of voice trainings. Organic movements of the dance do not create any barriers between a stage dialogue and creation of abstract forms. 
I conduct a workshop, which is mostly focused on an encoded lesson of modern dance. An essential part of my proposal, however, is relaxation and improvisation (both in dancing and acting). In my work I concentrate on such preparation of a dancer so that his body consciousness, rhythm consciousness and dance economy could help him to participate efficiently and freely in the process of creation (theatre performance, choreography). 
My work method, or the system I use and which I may propose:
- consistent balance between tension and relax,
- integration - co-ordination of movement and breathing,
- finding out anatomic relations of movement apparatus,
- conscious usage of our potential and abilities when dancing.
Expansion of space inside the body and establishing relations of a dancing body and stage space, a dialogue with a partner and all successive stages of setting the theatre activity are just the result of the elements of the system mentioned above.
(unfortunately - "video lecture" only in Polish...)