Invisible Duets - reviews

Łukasz Rudziński
A sort of diary-performance has been created, another intriguing experiment by Bzdyl and Chmielewska carried out on their own bodies. It's 'something' difficult to name and capture. When asked what this 'something' can be, everyone needs to answer it for themselves.

Teatralia Trójmiasto
Anna Kołodziejska
It's hard to talk about the artistic concepts of Dada von Bzdülöw without resorting to verbal banality. Almost always it arouses admiration, and yet, this is so vague and little saying word. This time, the power of "Invisible Duets", a dancing unity - Chmielewska and Bzdyl, have induced emotional paralysis among the audience. The resonance of such a strong reflective kick is hard to measure even on the Richter scale.
Gazeta Świętojańska
Martyna Adamczak
Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre has demonstrated again that it has the potential to create an energetic, eloquent and sensory performance. [...] It seems that the subject of another clash of masculinity with femininity is just an excuse to play with flesh and form. Through the dancers' bodies the socially understood sex is tossing and turning, jumbling up somewhat to break out triumphantly, escape into nudity, and ultimately to challenge itself.
Dziennik Bałtycki
Gabriela Pewińska
We have some pirouettes of arguments, steps of being mutually bored with each other, turns of an empty gaze. We can see how the legs of the two are going at loggerheads, how their hands are fighting, how they're flying at their throats, a pain-driven clash of hatred-ill bodies; how between the impacts of music (Mikołaj Trzaska) charged with emotion, a deafening silence of silent days can follow.
Gazeta Wyborcza
Mirosław Baran

Simple, but impressive and subtle music by Mikołaj Trzaska becomes here a major determinant of rhythm and mood of the show. Unhurried choreography work seems to respond to the subject matter, and to complete the music with movement. It's an excellent idea to play the music from monitor speakers on stage - that's what makes the compositions of the jazzman coming from Gdańsk (regularly cooperating with Dada) become even more the actor of the show that we see.