Invisible Duets

Invisible Duets


(Duety Nieistniejące)

premiere: 23 September 2011 - Teatr Studio, Warsaw

Mikołaj Trzaska & Dada von Bzdülöw

performed by:
Katarzyna Chmielewska & Leszek Bzdyl

Mikołaj Trzaska

Katarzyna Piątek
Maciej Salamon
text on the slides:
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
lighting design:
Michał Kołodziej

produced by:
Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, Body/Mind Festival, Warsaw, Teatr Wybrzeże, Gdańsk


"Invisible Duets" is a kind of, nascent of boredom, 'flânerie'. Drifts, walks, stories - always starting anew, and always retelling one another; present and disappearing; seen and rejected.


"One might therefore believe that everything that disappears, even after disappearance leads a secret life after death, putting on all that is left, a latent effect. For all that disappears, permeates our lives in minimal doses, often much more dangerous for us than the prevailing powers ... "
Jean Baudrillard, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?


"Invisible Duets" - 42nd premiere of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre - yet, it's only the second 'duet' of its founders and artistic leaders. After nine years since the release of the legendary 'Magnolia' (2002), the time has come for Chmielewska-Bzdyl 'duo' to write the next chapter ... a replica...? a recycling ...? to extract the latent ...? to close or open anew ...? 'Invisible Duets', just like the latest productions of Dada, want to be a 'half-closed' performance, ready for some evolution within each subsequent presentation.


we live in the country since the collapse of the national orchestra we play for hens and geese and frogs in the pond.
(Grzegorz Kwiatkowski)



press reviews:

It's hard to talk about the artistic concepts of Dada von Bzdülöw without resorting to verbal banality. Almost always it arouses admiration, and yet, this is so vague and little saying word. This time, the power of "Invisible Duets", a dancing unity - Chmielewska and Bzdyl, have induced emotional paralysis among the audience. The resonance of such a strong reflective kick is hard to measure even on the Richter scale.
Anna Kołodziejska, Teatralia Trójmiasto
Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre has demonstrated again that it has the potential to create an energetic, eloquent and sensory performance.
Martyna Adamczak, Gazeta Świętojańska
We have some pirouettes of arguments, steps of being mutually bored with each other, turns of an empty gaze. We can see how the legs of the two are going at loggerheads, how their hands are fighting, how they're flying at their throats, a pain-driven clash of hatred-ill bodies.
Gabriela Pewińska, Dziennik Bałtycki
Simple, but impressive and subtle music by Mikołaj Trzaska becomes here a major determinant of rhythm and mood of the show.
Mirosław Baran, Gazeta Wyborcza
A sort of diary-performance has been created, another intriguing experiment by Bzdyl and Chmielewska carried out on their own bodies. It's 'something' difficult to name and capture. When asked what this 'something' can be, everyone needs to answer it for themselves.
Łukasz Rudziński, Tró


dates of performances:


21-22 March 2015 / 8 p.m.
Studioul Nou, Tamási Áron Theatre

Sfântu Gheorghe, Rumunia
International Theatre Biennale REFLEX3

23 October / BytOFFski Festiwal, Bytowskie Centrum Kultury, Bytów
25 Aprile / Zelyonka Fest, Akademicki Młody Teatr, Kijów, Ukraina
30 March / Centrul National al Dansului, Bukareszt, Rumunia
22-23 February / Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk
19 January / Centrum Kultury, Lublin 

7 Aprile / Kalejdoskop Festival, Białostocki Teatr Lalek, Białystok
10 March / XXI Klamra Festival, Od Nowa, Toruń
3-4 March / Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk

31 October / Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk
12 October / Busan Dance Market, Theater SHIN, Busan, South Korea
9 October / SIDance FestivalJayu Theatre, Seoul Arts Center, Seul, South Korea
17-19 September / Beijing Fringe Festival, NTN - 9 Theatres, Beijing, Republic of China
14 September / Free Culture Gdansk-Vilnius 2012, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania
9 September / Theare Music Festival / MDK "Muflon", Sobieszowo-Jelenia Góra
5 May / Coast Art Festival, Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk
30 March / Old Brewery, Studio Słodownia +3, Poznań
15 February / Centrum Sztuki Impart, Wrocław
7-8 February / Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk

3 December / Theatre Meeting, Teatr im. S. Jaracza, Łódź
3-4 November / Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk
5-6 October / Teatr Wybrzeże - Malarnia, Gdańsk
1 October / Festiwal Strefa Kontaktu, CKiS, Kalisz
23 September / (premiere) Body/Mind Festival, Teatr Studio, Warsa