Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre – founded by Leszek Bzdyl – a director and a choreographer, and by Katarzyna Chmielewska – a dancer and a choreographer; on stage since 1992; an independent group of professional dancers and actors, staging performances in cooperation with home and foreign cultural institutions, such as: Teatr Wybrzeże /Gdańsk, Poland; Klub Żak /Gdańsk; Dance Advance /Philadelphia, USA; Les Hivernales /Avignon, France; Old Brewery /Poznań; Teatr Nowy /Łódź; Nouva Foundation /Poznań. Since 2008 the company is represented by the Dada von Bzdülöw Artists Association, with its seat in Gdańsk, Poland.

As of today, Dada have produced more than 45 performances. Among those which are no longer in the repertory, but were successfully presented both in Poland and abroad are: The doom of people; The man who was lying; There wasn’t, there won’t be, so there isn’t; Sonata; Apartment no 7; Dialogus in conventione; Drop Dead Gorgeous (co-production with Vincent Dance Theatre), Several Witty Observations (a la Gombrowicz), Factor T.

Between 1995-2001, the company cooperated with City Theatre in Gdynia, where between 1997-2000, Dada patronized a cycle of artistic events called “A Day of Beautiful Society”. Between 1996-2001, Dada participated in the projects of “Baltic University of Dance” in Gdańsk, co-creating and performing in such choreographies as: “In the Body” by Avi Keiser (Germany), and “Papugai” by Tatiana Baganova (Russia).

The company members have also worked in international productions staged in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and England; the most important including: The Rape of Europe - Landscape X (Intercult, Stockholm 1998 dir. by Piotr Cieplak), international SEAS project (performance ODYS-SEAS, dir. by Leszek Bzdyl / 2004), Trans Danse Europe – a European project Dada took part in between 2004-2006.

Between 2000-2007 Dada was affiliated with Klub Żak/Gdańsk, where in 2002 the company initiated a new contemporary dance festival “Gdansk Dance Corporation”. In the seasons of 2008-2009 Dada cooperated with Teatr Nowy, Łódź.

Since 2008 Dada Theatre has been affiliated with Teatr Wybrzeże, Gdańsk, Poland.

Since 2012 Dada Theatre has its seat in Dance Library [Bibliotece Tańca] in Gdańsk, which e.g. is home to artist residencies.

In 2012 Dada Theatre initiated Dada Hub – a new concept of annual, contemporary dance technique workshops, housed in MCKA Bay of Art in Sopot, a remarkable studio overlooking the sea.

In the repertory:

Play it, so 17 dances about something, Enclave 4/7, Invisible Duets, Le Sacre, Caffè Lattè, Red Grass, FRUU, Magnolia, so beautiful

International tour (2002-2013): England, Belgium, Cyprus, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, India, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, South Korea, Lithuania, Germany, Palestine, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, USA